My studio is located in the picturesque town of Aurich. It lies in the beautiful region of East Frisia, surrounded by windmills, moorland and the North Sea coastline. My work is extremely varied, I can offer you surprising concepts and extraordinary creations. I will accompany you from the very first scribble, through to the graphic design process and right up to the final printed product. During the project, I can also photograph your products, your premises, your team and even you, so that you can use these images for your brochures, flyers and website.


I love supporting agencies, publishing houses and companies on a freelance basis – be it for specific stages of a project, or from start to finish. I can quickly find my feet within on-going projects. This skill means that I can jump in at short notice where additional support is required, e.g., to cover holiday or sick leave, providing my availability allows.


Claudia Kolb née Schmidt, born in 1975 in Karlsruhe. 

Qualified as a state accredited graphic designer at Karlsruhe Graphic Design College in 1994.


I have been working as a graphic designer and art director since 1994, collaborating with various advertising agencies, magazine publishers, mail order companies and businesses in the B2B and B2C sectors. I have been running my own business since 2009.


Art and photography have been two of my greatest passions since I could first hold a pencil and a camera. Both activities were a key part of my education, and included drawing, illustrating, painting, calligraphy, as well as developing film and paper prints.


I have worked for the following companies:


Since 2009, with my own company:

• Evangelischer Oberkirchenrat, Zentrum für Kommunikation, Karlsruhe

• dfv mediengruppe / Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main

• Deutscher Bauernverlag GmbH, Berlin

• OZ Verlags-GmbH, Rheinfelden

• Fachschriften-Verlag GmbH & Co. KG, Fellbach

• medialog GmbH & Co. KG, Gaggenau

• KOSMETIK international Messe GmbH, Gaggenau

• Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e.V. Karlsruhe, Abteilung Notfallpädagogik

• Diakonisches Werk Karlsruhe

• Hochschule für Kirchenmusik, Heidelberg

• Sozialwissenschaftliches Institut der EKD, Hannover

• Evangelische Erwachsenen- und Familienbildung Heidelberg, Bretten-Bruchsal und Lörrach

• Praxis Dr. Wilken, Aurich

• Rechenzentrum Baden / brain4kom AG, Gaggenau

• ADFELIS Die Werbeagentur, Gaggenau

• Agentur & Druckerei Murr GmbH, Karlsruhe

• Der heiße Strolch Events & more, Nümbrecht

• Friedhofsgärtnerei BlumenSchäfer, Pforzheim

• retailcommunications, Weilerswist

• NoreiaSpirit, Ötisheim

• Autorin Kaja Linnegart, Eisenach

• Autorin S.A. Serious, Seeg

• Autorin Edina Davis, Essen

• Modern Church Band, Karlsruhe

• Bürgerverein Beiertheim, Karlsruhe

• Johanna Reutter, Künstlerin, Berghausen

• Andrea Interschick, Künstlerin, Atelier ART ‚N‘ ACT, Mainz

• Kunstverein ArtEttlingen e.V., Ettlingen

• Künstlergruppe "Der Sandhaufen", Karlsruhe

• BALTours GmbH, Marxzell

• GrunerDesign, Baden-Baden

• Hundeleben GmbH, Pforzheim

• MarkomGroup, Baden-Baden

• L’Oréal Deutschland GmbH, Corporate Finance, Karlsruhe

• IDS Information-Display-Services GmbH, Baden-Baden


Up to 2008, partly as a freelancer and partly as an employee:

• I.F.M. International Furniture Management, Tochtergesellschaft der Interlink Group, Seltz, Frankreich

• Health and Beauty Business Media, Karlsruhe

• Werbeagentur C+N, Frankfurt a. M.

• M.A.D. Kommunikationsgesellschaft mbH, Offenbach

• Verlagsgruppe FALKEN, Niedernhausen

• Werbeagentur Adserv...GmbH, Pforzheim

• Versandhaus Klingel, Pforzheim

• Werbeagentur Hinkel + Junghans, Karlsruhe

• Citymedia Verlag und Werbeagentur, Rheinstetten

• Werbeagentur Rauch + Rauch, Karlsruhe

• Werbeagentur Dröse, Karlsruhe

• Restaurant Trompeter von Säckingen, Karlsruhe

• Hot Cajun Band, Hagenau

• Galeria Ortega, Spanien

• Tenuta Vitiano, Corsanico/Italien

• Autohaus Ehlert, Karlsruhe

• credo-communications, Rheinstetten